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The word storytelling is getting thrown around a lot these days, even this morning, I was listening to a podcast that was geared specifically towards storytelling. As people, we love stories. There is the moment while we are consuming the story, where we make a personal connection and we relate it to our own lives. We instantly connect with the storyteller.

Storytelling is important.

We can tell a story through many types of mediums, from written, to verbal, to visual… The medium is really only the vehicle to relay the message.

Over the last few months, it's something I have been thinking about and how can I push myself to get better at doing it.

Instead of waiting for the best story to come to you, there are simple and amazing stories all around you that you can tell, your life is full of them. Pick up your pencil, open your laptop, take out your camera, or whatever medium you prefer and start to document. Tell your story in a raw format, not as a prescription, but in a way that will tell the story you are trying to tell.

Don’t just curate, tell a story.

What I mean by don't just curate, it's so easy to go through my photos on my phone and only post the photos I think look the best, but they don't tell a story. Sure they look nice, but that is all, how can the audience connect when there is nothing to connect to besides aesthetics? Not saying you can't, I love Color Field painters, Mark Rothko & Kenneth Noland are two of my favorites. Their paintings are purely aesthetic and the hope of the artist is that you come away with something, a connection that you make, but there is not a narrative, you can still walk away with nothing.

A simple application for me, the other day, Shannon (my wife) and my kiddos were making cookies. I thought this is a great opportunity to simply document the story of making cookies. Telling it through the visual format of a video.

Today, go tell a story of your own, there are those in the world that will appreciate it!

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