Tony D'Amico



On August 21st, I was able to experience the eclipse in the totality zone and it was one of the greatest experiences ever. The irony was, I wasn't excited or really even interested in seeing it because in Salt Lake City, it was said we would be able to see 99% (or something) of the eclipse, what does that 1 % difference make? 1% can't be that much of a difference, right? So after reading a few articles sent to me by my wife who was trying to convince, my mind was starting to change...

I decided I was in and we were going to the totality zone. Lots of planning went into the trip, the media made it sound like if you went into Idaho it would be the end of the world, pack enough food & Water for three days, bring extra gas because the stations will run out, don't rely on credit cards or maps because the internet will go down. It was nuts! We did what we thought best and played into it all, brought lots of food, water, made sure we had extra gas and made the four hour drive to Driggs.

If I would have stayed in SLC instead of taking the 4 hours trek to Driggs, ID, these images are what I would have been able to see. It's interesting, you see the light get slightly dimmer, the temp drops slightly as the moon starts to cover the sun.

We got to experience Totality and it was seriously life changing.

I learned a good deal from this trip. The difference that 1% percent can make, it can take you from the image above, to these...

It's easy to work at something and give it 99% and the project might turn out interesting, could solve the problem, or just even pretty cool. But adding the extra 1%, can make something look completely different...

It takes work and a 11 hour drive home getting you home at 2:30 in the morning because the traffic was crazy, you didn't sleep for almost 24 hours because you got excited to take time-lapse of the stars the night before because there was not light pollution in Driggs.

Next time you are working on a project and you think, 99% is good, think again. Take your projects to the next level, that extra 1% could make what you are working on freaking amazing!