Tony | Awakened By Hope
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Awakened By Hope


When working on an album, the visual has to come out of the feeling of the music and of the lyrics. The only way to express that is by immersing yourself into the music from start to finish, to put on a set of headphones and let the music speak to you, and to let the design flow from it.


Before the design started, I was asked to help develop the name of the release. After listening to the record for a week straight, the name and design solution came together. There is a feeling that you get after traveling for a long time, especially by yourself; there is this magic feeling that comes when you know it is coming to an end. That is what I felt the music of this record was portraying. It reminded me of coming out of the darkness of space, where the sun is peaking around a planet. The music was very twinkly, which led also to this idea of stars in space.

This project also includes a set of interview and live, acoustic performances that I directed, filmed and edited.